How are property tax calculated?

  1. Determine the Land Value:

    • The land value is usually assessed by the government. You can obtain the official land appraisal value from the Land Department.
  2. Identify the Property Type:

    • Property tax rates may vary based on the type of property (residential, agricultural, commercial, etc.).
  3. Understand the Tax Rates:

    • Different tax rates apply to different types of properties. Ensure you have the current rates for the applicable tax year.
  4. Calculate the Property Tax:

    • Apply the relevant tax rate to the assessed land value.

Here is a simplified example to illustrate the process:

Example Calculation

  1. Assessed Land Value: 10,000,000 THB
  2. Property Type: Residential
  3. Applicable Tax Rate: 0.02% (For residential properties, this is an example rate; the actual rate might vary.)


Property Tax = Assessed Land Value x Tax Rate


Property Tax = 10,000,000 THB x 0.0002
Property Tax=2,000 THB

Important Considerations

  • Exemptions and Deductions: Check if there are any exemptions or deductions applicable to your property. For instance, primary residences may have certain tax reliefs.
  • Additional Fees: Be aware of any additional fees or charges that might apply.
  • Legislative Changes: Tax laws can change, so always refer to the latest regulations from the Land Department or consult a tax professional.


  • Land Department: Contact the Land Department for official land values and current tax rates.
  • Tax Professionals: Consult with a local tax advisor for accurate calculations and compliance with the latest tax laws.